What the universe is trying to tell me right now.

Do you pay attention to your life?

I used to miss the whispers until they became shouts, pushing me into precarious situations that probably could have been avoided had I been paying more attention to my heart.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for that learning. All those stumbles and falls and heartbreak.

They brought me to a place of learning, understanding and listening to my heart, above all else. Despite all else.

So, what is it telling me now?

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Stephanie Sheldon
3 reasons to narrow your niche.

When you create for the wrong people:

  • You never get better at what YOU like doing

  • You begin to resent your business

  • You don’t like the work and it makes it really really hard to deal with the tough stuff that inevitably comes up

  • You find it hard to explain why you’re different than others because your heart isn’t in it and you aren’t getting better

  • You are not your own boss

  • You’re not creating a distinguishable brand that gets more distinguishable over time

How can you avoid this? Narrow your niche!

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Stephanie Sheldon
Making it work in your new creative business.

The pressures of business will kill your creativity. More than likely if your business is growing, and you want it to continue to deliver you more money, it will require you manage your mind more effectively to continue liking it. And for it to continue delivering to you.

Should you even run a creative business? Are you in the middle of believing it’ll never work? This post is for you.

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Give yourself credit.

How often are we not surrounded by work that could be done, clothes that should be folded, unread emails in our inboxes, conversations that were left on an unclear note, bodies that might do well to get a workout, books that are half-finished and untidiness in various corners of our lives?

So, amid all the work and untidiness of it all, how do I find happiness? I’m sharing that will you all today.

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Stephanie Sheldon
Practical Experience versus Book Learning.

I think practical experience (just jumping in) gets you farther faster, if that’s what you’re looking for. Many of my clients tell me they don’t feel prepared. They don’t feel ready. They need to read just one more book. Or clean their office office or organize their schedules first. Before they can launch. Before they can hire me. Before they can do the things they really want to do.

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How fit is your business?

Every damn time I take a spin class with Sammy Friedman of Grooveryde (also luckily my CFO-in-training at Cleveland Flea) or at Harness Cycle, I emerge feeling inspired, empowered, clear. In other words, I feel like myself– a powerful, intelligent, gritty, talented Female Founder.

And today, I found the words to express what I usually want to tell all my coaching clients and business owners at Cleveland Flea– SURE IT’S HARD BUT THAT’S NO REASON TO QUIT.

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Travel: Up North.

Sometimes you’ve just got to get out of your element. Or back into one that you used to inhabit to remind yourself how far you’ve come. I grew up in Michigan, on the east side of the state. I had long planned to visit the Sleeping Bear Dunes and The Grand Hotel but never really made time for it. The visits proved to be both surprising and unsurprising, charmingly authentic and touristy-fake. At times I found myself taking long, slow exhales. Breathing in the cool, crisp forest air. At other times, this world felt foreign and scary and like I was stepping into the past (not in a good way). I found a lot of things that provided inspiration, as well as introspection. I think that’s what travel is meant to do! Here’s a look at what I did, where I went and what I thought.

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The difference between managing current success + maintaining success.

As I became the boss of a bunch of new badasses, it also struck me that I needed to think through what their own issues might be. Listen– we all have issues. Even super talented people. Especially super talented people. I began to realize that people coming in from the outside might have thought we were successful and we were done working toward success. Which is just not true. Success is a thing you keep working at and redefining. Read on to get some insight on the difference between Maintaining + Managing Success.

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Stephanie Sheldon