3 reasons to narrow your niche.

  1. They don’t want your stuff.

  2. You don’t like selling to them.

  3. You’re not getting better at who YOU really are.

Seems simple, right? Let’s start at the beginning.

What is a niche?

  • It’s who aligns well with how YOU like to do things.

What is NOT a niche?

  • Selling for money only to anyone. That makes money your boss and you want to be your own boss.

A niche is really a customer who has these 2 characteristics:

  • This customer loves what you do.

  • This customer pays you what you ask.

with this caveat:

  • You LIKE doing this type of work for that they are buying.

When you create for the wrong people:

  • You never get better at what YOU like doing

  • You begin to resent your business

  • You don’t like the work and it makes it really really hard to deal with the tough stuff that inevitably comes up

  • You find it hard to explain why you’re different than others because your heart isn’t in it and you aren’t getting better

  • You are not your own boss

  • You’re not creating a distinguishable brand that gets more distinguishable over time

3 of the best reasons to narrow your niche:

  • You will continue to like what you do, and you will then have the boss energy you need to be a small business owner

  • You will pull your dreamiest customers / clients toward you and that makes your life a million times easier in selling

  • You will get better and better and better over time because you will continue to diverge yourself from the market and from ‘competition’ or being seen as a commodity.

You’ve got this, boss.

Stephanie Sheldon