Running a business is what taught me how to run a business.


People ask me so many damn questions.

Like I have ALL the answers.

And they’re right. I do have all the answers. Because I have a method that helps me answer them.

But this is the thing. I’m here to tell you that you CAN learn anything.

I want you to know that it’s about how you approach thinking and learning that will determine if you move forward or stay stuck.

I have a method.

I call it the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

It’s how you think. How you look inside for answers rather than believe others have them for you.

Sure, it’s cool to learn from others and gain insight and it’s so fun to see how other people solve problems. But they’re most likely not following some ‘guide to building a biz or taking a leap or marketing etc.’

They’re writing their own guide.

This is how I coach my team, one of the most powerful and purposeful teams in this city.

This is how I coach business owners at Cleveland Flea. The best businesses look inward for direction, rather than waiting for a sign or for ‘when it’s right.’

This is how I coach my boss clients to more money and better businesses and a better relationship with their craft and their team.

I make tough decisions for myself and my team every day.

We’re closing our original office this year. It breaks my heart.



That’s our mantra this year.

We’re going from 9 markets to 4.


We’re not saying yes to everything.

Only the things that make us say HELL YES.

And who do I look to for all this direction?

Myself. My team. Their thoughts. My thoughts. Our passions. Our love for their city. Our love for creative communities.

In other words, I look inward.

And THAT is how I’ve built a powerful, profitable, purposeful business.

Stephanie Sheldon