Too busy for your bullshit. (and other things I tell my brain)


Hey friends.

Mantras sound so woo-woo, right? Whenever I see people posting overly-optimistic messages, I kinda roll my eyes. 

Because they don't land with me. It's not like telling myself, "You're so beautiful," magically moves me from not liking myself into being super in love with myself– yet.

So, creating a mantra that has some actual meaning in my life makes more sense, and is much more effective.

If you want to do more in this world, you're going to have to fight with your own brain in one way or another. Maybe your brain will be scared. Maybe your brain will decide to get confused. Maybe it'll tell you that it's not practical. Or that you don't have enough money. Or that you'll fail. Or that it'll be too hard.

Whatever your brain is telling you is probably bullshit. Call it out. 

In my case, that's what works best. Not the overly-optimistic messaging. But the real, true story that my brain is making this shit up to try and stop me. It makes me mad. So I turn that into a mantra. 

The reason it works?

It directly relates to the ACTUAL thoughts I'm having AND it's in a voice / tone / style that resonates with me. That style is kinda ballsy, kinda funny, kinda straightforward. Not flowery. Or sweet and cuddly. I usually swear, so I allow my mantras to swear, too. 

So, if you're crafting your own mantras, use this method to make sure they actually work:

  • Write down the actual 'negative' thoughts that you're having
  • Write some thoughts that relate in the opposite way to those exact thoughts
  • See if your heart skips a beat when you hear it (if not, try again. no need for boring thoughts, bro)

Here's how it works:

  • Steph's brain: "Hey you should do your taxes instead of having a boudoir shoot."
  • Me, to my brain: "Hey, I don't have time for your bullshit. I'm trying to live my best life. So shut up."
  • Mantra = Too Busy for Your Bullshit
  • It's short. Sweet. And right to the point. And I can remember it and practice it daily.



Stephanie Sheldon