I got a dog in Mexico. Here's how I did it!


Hey Friends!
2018 has brought many interesting things to my life. And one of them is Churro. I adopted him from the resort I was staying at while I was in Cabo San Lucas. 

No, I didn't know I'd come back with a dog.

No, I had no idea how it worked to get an animal over the border. But it was surprisingly easy.

Yes, I had been thinking of getting a dog for about a year now. But I didn't plan for it to be while I was on vacation.

So, when Rachael dropped Churro off to me the day before I left, announcing that he had been returned by his owner (turns out his apartment complex doesn't allow dogs), I decided to take the little friend home with me. After a trip to the vet to get a certificate of rabies and a doggie 'passport', we were set to go. 

I was nervous, but had been reassured that this was standard procedure and that we'd have no issues at customs. Churro got through security no problem (I had to carry him outside of his carrier) and onto the plane just fine (I had paid $125 to add him to my flight already). He was in a soft carrier which was able to fit beneath my seat. He slept almost the entire 2 flights. I was able to give him some food and water at our layover in Houston and then in a few hours we were home in freezing Cleveland. 

As far as customs, we were routed through to a different security checkpoint where my luggage went through an additional screening but all they required of Churro was that he had a piece of paper that said that his rabies vaccine had been more than 30 days before his travel. He had gotten it on Dec 26th, so we were good. 


Churro came with a litter of 6 puppies who had been found by a local woman in a box somewhere. She dropped them at this resort, where lots of random animals have been rescued, like Burrito the baby donkey, 3 peacocks, a bunch of goats and now even some little baby goats. 


Churro is actually a sweet little pup, and we're working on all the training stuff right now, along with buying him lots of Winter outfits. This week he has his first vet appointment, and we'll also look into hiring a trainer. 

Maybe we'll see you out and about! 

Stephanie Sheldon