When and why to hire a coach.


Hi friends!

I had a great question on my FREE monthly coaching call last week! If you missed it, sign up for the next one!

The question was, "When do you hire a coach?" and the intention was to ask me when I hire my own coaches. But I think that the answer might apply to many of you. 

I hire a coach 1-on-1 when I seriously want to change my life or tackle a BIG goal. I tend to hire a coach 1-on-1 at least 1x a year, or basically for how long it will take me to make my goal happen. My coach is like my biz BFF helping me get there, keeping me accountable and squashing negative thoughts that will get in my way.

I join a group coaching program when I'm doing ok but want to spend at least 1 hour or so every week focusing either myself or my goals but I'm not in a rush to change my life.

I sign up for DIY coaching / newsletters / podcasts because I want to have a daily or weekly read and really like the stuff a certain person represents or is talking about.

So, to re-cap, if you'd like to change your life/biz NOW, that's when you invest in a coach. If you're ok changing a little less rapidly, a group program is a great idea (less expensive but also less focused solely on YOU and your goals / issues) and if you're doing great but you want to kinda keep up the momentum, make sure you're on a coaching newsletter (or podcast).


Think you might want a coach? Just give me a call! The first one's free! 

I offer:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching (let's change your life or achieve something BIG)
  • Monthly Group Coaching (let's get together and move you forward slowly and consistently)
  • DIY Coaching (If self-study is your type of thing then this is for you! Launching the week of Sept 1st)


Stephanie Sheldon