I'm scared to do what I want, too.


It’s not what you want to hear. But I can tell you it’s relieving to understand that we’re all going through this life together– alternating between confident and scared.

Most of my clients find me because:

  • They want to change their business or lives so much that it becomes critical

  • They think I have the answers they’re missing so that fear will go away

What is both helpful and painful for them is that they learn:

  • You must run toward what you’re scared of

  • You will be ok, because the worst that you’ll have is a feeling (that will pass)

  • They have the answers. (they LOVE to fight me on this one)

What do they get from working with me, though?

They get themselves back as the person who is running their lives.

There is no magic pill to starting and running a successful business. You have to do the work. You have to be obsessed enough to risk something for it. You have to create the money and time you need to take the next steps. Most of my clients are looking for the equivalent of ‘winning the lottery’ in order to make their dreams come true. And honestly, they sort of get it with me. Because the stuff I teach them is so new and relieving and changes their entire outlook, unlocking pretty immediately for them the way forward.

Want to know more? Schedule a call to talk to me or just write me an email (stephanie@indiefoundry.com) to let me know what’s going on in your life or biz.

I also offer 30-minute business pep talks. Tell me what’s going on, and we’ll work to solve it. Use one when you need a new perspective on an issue you just can’t figure out, or you just need someone who is working hard toward her own best biz and best life to talk to. Because I get it. I’m doing all the work and I know just how hard it is– and I also know how you can move forward. 

Stephanie Sheldon