Emotional Drama vs Getting Shit Done.


Here’s a secret.

All the whining and complaining is optional.

All the feelings are real.

But believing that doing something different won’t be hard is ACTUALLY MAKING IT HARDER.

Emotional Drama is when we decide to do something different in our lives (lose weight, decide to love ourselves, open a business, get into a relationship, etc) and then the mental work it takes becomes THE THING WE FOCUS ON.

It’s silly and it’s called being Emotionally Dramatic.

I mean, I get it. Shit is hard. But really your brain is like, ‘Hey this is too hard for you and I’m gonna make you regret that you want to do something better in your life until you go back to being miserably the same as always.’

Emotional Drama is:

  • your brain trying to trick you out of changing (your brain is an efficient mf’er and it wants to continue to practice the same thoughts it’s always had)

  • having a tantrum when you have to do what you said you’d do

  • unhelpful to your long-term goals and your actual joy

  • not necessary

  • fleeting (just ignore it, and move forward with your plans)

  • the enemy of change

  • nothing more than the result of resistance to a new way of thinking

What to do to fight Emotional Drama

  • Realize it’s actually ‘all in your head’

  • Begin to understand the relationship between your thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Decide what you want to do ahead of time

  • Stick to your schedule, even if you don’t want to

  • Pause for a moment and write down your thoughts when you feel you’re in ‘emotional drama’

  • Decide ahead of time WHY it’s worth it to be embarking on this life that you want to live / goal you want to achieve / change you want to make / business you want to begin

What I usually say to my brain when it is trying to trick me into living a life I don’t want to live is:


And to me, that means that my brain needs to be in service of my biggest dreams (it’s a powerful tool when it wants to be) or it needs to let my heart take the wheel- because my heart knows what’s what.

You PROB need to get your brain in service of your goals. Your chance of being successful are greater if your brain does some actual work for you- instead of just trying to hold you back.

Stay focused on the real work. Your brain will fall in line and begin focusing it’s efforts on solving the biggest problem it sees- and we want that to be stuff that leads to your dreamiest life.

So, don’t let your brain stop you.

You’ve got a big life to live.