The way forward.

The first step in figuring out what you should do, what you want to do, what you need to do is to believe that there is a next step.

There IS a way forward.

Confusion wants us to believe it’s immovable. That it’s a fact of our lives.

I used to describe myself as ‘indecisive’ as though that was a trait I was born with.

That was a trait I had picked up. It was a practice. When I was really out of touch with what I was thinking and feeling, I would almost go blank. I found it hard to decide anything.

Because nothing felt ‘right.’

This is not intuition. This is confusion. This is a decision. A practice. Not a fact.

I coach many of you who present me with “unsolvable” situations.

You’re overwhelmed.

You’re usually full of emotion- frustration and fear and exasperation.

Figuring out the ‘right’ step forward is impossible. Because there is no ‘right’ step that will meet all your criteria.

So many of you live in indecision and paralysis- instead of getting closer to your goal.


  • is not anyone else’s job to figure out

  • is not living inside a book or podcast

  • is not the same for everyone

  • is directed by your heart (and supported by your head)

  • does not need to be perfect or ‘right’

  • will be right for you in this exact moment

  • will most likely be the thing you’re refusing to do

  • will require you to think differently

The way you think about your next step is actually more crucial than your next step. The method you deploy to find clarity can be used over and over and over, whereas the actual step can only be used once. It’s only a solution in this one moment. To move you one step closer. One step further.

Don’t put so much weight on WHAT you’ll do. Put it on WHY you’ll do it.

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