I must be doing it wrong.


This one thought delayed my dreams for YEARS.

This one thought

left me feeling overwhelmed, sad, not good enough, insecure.

lost me so much money.

put me into panic time and time again.

undermined my internal guidance system and made me think it was intuition.

brought me so much anxiety.

stopped me from saying YES and NO when I should have.

This one thought had to change.

The entire thought was actually:

If it feels like this, I MUST be doing it wrong.

So, what was really going on?

I was living my life. I was evolving. I was experiencing the discomfort that comes along with growth and change. And that was scary. Because much of this ‘discomfort’ was public. It was in front of people on social media. It was on facebook and instagram. And sometimes it was (and still is) in front of my team. Right in front of people I’m SUPPOSED to lead. In front of people whose opinion I believe matters.

Once I let go of this thought, my life changed.

Once I let go of this thought

I made more money than I ever thought possible.

I launched the coaching business / program of my dreams.

I found the best team in the world for Cleveland Flea.

I turned a business that I’d built and learned to resent into a business I love with all my heart.

I was able to love myself.

I have so many more happy and productive days that I have ever experienced.

I was able to banish ‘confusion’ from my life.

How did I change this thought?

First, I recognized it was a thought.

Then I recognized what was really going on in my brain. I had been conditioned to believe that I had to be perfect or I was wrong.

I then realized that the discomfort I was feeling wasn’t connected to whether I was doing anything right or wrong- it is the price of admission to have a highly-profitable, very-public, boundary-shattering, smart-af business and I stopped resisting that emotion

I could then see myself as brave versus wrong

I could love myself for how hard I was trying, how talented I am, how bold and bossy and courageous I am



I turned my experience into a 6-week coaching class called Think Like A Boss. You can experience this dramatic shift, as well.

You just need a professional peak into your thinking and help you re-shape it into thoughts that WILL get you where you want to go.