Getting started- The "Why should anyone care" Tool.


Do you ever feel like you’re looking for ‘just the right’ business to start, or maybe name for your business / podcast / blog or even just the right decision to make for your life? And I bet you don’t know where to begin.

Sometimes all that pressure makes it difficult to get anywhere. So I developed this tool particularly for that reason. When we’re getting caught up in indecision, I know that it’s time to think differently.

So here’s a fun and easy exercise you can use to get started! It doesn’t take any more than a bit of time to think, and maybe a pen + paper.

It’s probably so simple, you didn’t think to do it.

It’s called The “Why should anyone care” Tool and it’s a way to zoom out and get some perspective by answering a few simple, yet insightful, questions.

Why does it even matter that this idea / business / podcast / blog exists? Like, who cares? And why do YOU care? If you want engagement (people to buy, people to read, share or like) you must create something people find relevant for some reason. So, let’s get that answered. And then we get another equally important question answered. Why does it even matter to YOU? If you’re going to put significant effort toward something you’re going to want it to matter to you. No matter what you’re working toward, if it requires you think in a different way and act in a different way than you’re used to, it’s not going to be a breeze.

So you’re gonna need some help.

The “Why should anyone care” Tool:

  • Why is this idea relevant for anyone else?

  • Why does this idea matter to you?

You can apply this technique to any area of your life in which you’d like more clarity or forward momentum- especially if it requires the buy-in of someone else (customers / clients / collaborators).

I often ask myself these questions when I’m:

  • developing a new product for coaching or Cleveland Flea

  • deciding on a name for my new podcast

  • creating a content schedule for my blog

  • writing each post here

  • existing insufferably in ‘confusion’ and ‘indecision’

  • really needing to move the F forward but my brain is all like ‘are you sure we should do this?”

So, don’t fret if you don’t know where to begin. Starting with a simple set of questions IS a perfect way forward.

Happy creating!