Coaching Tools: Name Your Brain!


No doubt when you’re beginning to discover all the thoughts you believe about yourself that your next question is, “How do I change them?”

And the answer is practice. Consistent practice. And intentional practice. And looking for evidence to support the contrary.

Your brain is divided in two. One side is more connected to bravery and daring and to your dream life. The other side is always looking for danger. Always looking to find the quickest answer it believes. Always looking to keep you safe and comfortable and not moving at all. Efficiency is the name of the game so when you’re looking to go from believing one thing to another, you’ve got to treat it like a long-term project and not get frustrated or too antsy or stressed. In fact, you’ve got to watch your emotions. Your brain will undoubtedly tell you things like:

“This is never gonna work.”

“Why are you even trying this?”

“Look at all this evidence to the contrary.”

And you know what you need to do?

Tell your brain,

“Thanks friend but I got this.

We’re CHANGING and you’re coming along

for the damn ride.”

I sometimes advise my clients to name their brains, in order to help them realize that they are sort of acting on their own. We’ve all just been mindlessly listening to this brain like it knows everything about us. Everything about where we SHOULD or SHOULDN’T go.

And it’s just not true.

So, sometimes I call my brain Karen. And I’m like hey, Karen, I love you but we’re going here. Put your seatbelt on and zip it.”

Naming your brain gives it a personality. Helps you see it’s making decisions for your life without the permission of your heart. And I think it also helps when we’re questioning our own thoughts.

Like, Karen, WHY is necessary for you to call me ugly?

Karen should be on my team. Truly.

Let’s round her up, bring her in and talk some sense into her. Gently and lovingly, of course.