The job won't make you happy- the thoughts you have about it will.


I have my dream job.


But I have to choose that thought every single day.

I have super dreamy employees. And they have really dreamy jobs. But we all need to choose that every single day.

Because business is not the same every day. It provides challenges and opportunities for growth and there are days when things totally work out and moments where you’re sure you made a mistake.

The point is this: what you think about your situation will be the determining factor in your happiness at work.

What you think will filter everything that happens to you.

It’s ok to choose something different, so re-shape your business or leave your job. Because it will deliver something different to you if you change it- but not because it will make you happy.

Saying yes to you heart is what makes you happy. At least that’s how it works for me. For too long I thought that my business was making me unhappy. Until I realized that my business was a reflection of my own happiness- not the cause of it.

I’ll say that again.

When I began to believe that I have my dream job, that’s when my job became my dream.

I know so many people who love change because it gives them a quick, fleeting feeling of happiness. I think they’re experiencing what it means to listen to their heart.

But then soon their ‘new’ situation is like the last. And then they’re discouraged again.

Because it’s never the job. The apartment. The dog. The new city.

It was always in knowing yourself and figuring out what brings you joy and delivering that to yourself in very specific, not super general, ways.

What I LOVE about my dreamy job is that I’m allowing myself to do what I love most. I’m doing the work that’s required to make sure I can continue to create. To make. To surprise those I love. To help people do more of what they love.

When I wasn’t solving for that for many years, I didn’t like my job. I was resentful of it.

But once I decided that my happiness and joy was worth the work, I began to solve the puzzle of how to hire a team and get them paid well enough and grow the business enough to allow myself to love the moments of my days again.

And I still struggle with it. Not everyday is perfect, because I’m not perfect.

But there’s even something magical about that. I don’t have to be perfect every moment to live my dream life. I just have to put my best foot forward, do the work, manage my thoughts and have faith during the tough times that I made the right decision and I WILL have dreamier days ahead.

If you don’t love what you do today, decide what it is that you want in your life.

If that doesn’t seem clear, that’s where you put the work in.

And you can still leave your job, but what it’s probably giving you is the support you need while you figure it out. So, be really grateful for that.