Most days I'm just Braving It.


I’m typing this still in my pajamas.

On my pet-covered couch. In my halfway clean apartment.

Surrounded by things I love, and lots of stuff I need to tend to- packing, organizing, cleaning, bill-paying.

I’m late to work. To my very own office filled with the best people.

I like to get there at 7am but today I slept in- a choice I made because I was up until midnight packing for Cuba.

My life feels like a grab bag of good and bad. Irresponsible and exciting. Smart and questionable.

Every day provides me with a million moments to remind myself that mostly all I’m doing is Braving It.

Showing up daily to the fight between my brain and my heart.

My brain reminding me that I have so much to do and that taxes should be figured out and that I have a market in 15 days.

My heart reminding me that I love writing these letters to you all.

It’s a battle that takes place every moment, within my own head.

Sometimes the head wins. Sometimes the heart.

All times I win- because I’m just figuring it out and I’m still here doing what I love and even though it’s not perfect it’s my one precious life and I don’t get another one.

So, whatever shape it takes, I guess it’s most important that I get to live it. Bravely. Fiercely. Imperfectly.

Cheers to Friday, friends.

Stephanie Sheldon