Your Questions, My Answers.


I really love answering people’s questions. Like I REALLY love it.

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Here we go!

Q: How do you push past procrastination? How do you create time for what needs to be done?

A: Procrastination is usually a result of thoughts that aren’t being managed. When you think about how your brain works, you can tackle procrastination by asking yourself WHY you do it. Why you’re nervous to do whatever it is that you’re supposed to be doing. Your thoughts create feelings and feelings create actions. So, if your action / inaction is procrastination, what is the feeling that leads to it? And then what is the thought that leads to that feeling?

Here’s how that could work.

Circumstance: taxes

Thought: I don’t want to do taxes because I’ll feel dumb

Feeling: Fear

Action: Procrastination

Result: Nothing gets done.

So, in order to change your action (procrastination), you’ll need to change your thought about taxes AND pre-plan it. So, choose the day / time you’ll work on taxes and don’t let yourself off the hook when you get there. Your brain will have a field day and try to get you out of it, but if you TRULY want to get the work done, then you’ve got to NOT procrastinate.

And you know what that makes you?

Someone who doesn’t procrastinate!

Q. What are some things you have done to gain confidence in yourself and your business?

A.The key to confidence is to understand that Confidence is a thought. Or it’s a feeling, depending on how you think about it. But confidence is NOT something that comes from any place but yourself. Either Confidence is a feeling that comes right after a thought that spurs it or the phrase ‘I’m confident’ is a thought you think. Confidence is a thing you give yourself. And the best time to build it is when you need to TRULY believe it- in circumstances that test you.

Whether you’re starting out in business or figuring out your life, I am here to help you along the way. Send me your most sticky situations / toughest questions and I’ll do my best to get you sorted!