Technical Team vs Growth Team

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If you’re growing a creative small business, you’ll no-doubt find yourself hiring a team. And even if you’re not hiring anyone, you’ll end up having to structure your own work so you’re working ON the business and IN the business equally- or close to it.

So what does that mean?


  • The work you need to do to deliver on the business you run

  • The work you need to do to comply with regulations (taxes / permitting / insurance, etc)

  • The work you / your team does within their own position that is technically-related to a certain job position


  • The work you do to grow your own mindset + achieve goals

  • The work you do planning for growth or more sales

  • The work you do to set your team / business apart from others (internally)

  • The work you do marketing your products to more and more people


In our business, our Technical Team is made up of:

  • Event Experts

  • Membership Management Experts

  • Business Incubator Experts

  • HR / Team Management Experts

  • Financial Experts

  • Carpentry Experts

  • Hospitality Experts

  • Website Experts

And our Growth Team is made up of:

  • Visionary CEO

  • Visionary CFO

  • Sales + Marketing Director

  • Mindset Coach

The thing about us is that we don’t have one person per position. When you’re in a startup you need to divide that work between whoever you have on hand, even if that’s just you. That’s why being the founder of a fast-growth startup is so exhausting. Or it can be. It usually is. We’re not well practiced at this work, and there’s a lot of it to get good at.

Regardless of where you’re at in your business, you’ll want to care about Quality, Integrity & Efficiency (Technical work) AND Vision, Planning & Mindset (Growth work) IF you want to be the best in your business- or grow significantly (in team or sales).

Stephanie Sheldon