Do you know why you are the way you are?


Just like wading into a cold, deep pool, getting to know yourself can be uncomfortable, shocking, at times terrifying and physically overwhelming.

It’s also kinda why many people don’t really do it.

I just listened to the BEST podcast episode on one of my favorite shows, On Being, and it reminded me of a topic that I’ve been wanting to chat about every single moment of every single day of my life– understanding yourself.

One of the reasons Business (with a capital B) Coaching frustrates me is that E V E R Y O N E (slight generalization but not too much) believes that business and personal are separate.

They, in theory, are.

They are, in practice, not.


Because you’re one messy human being. And you’re trying hard to convince me that you’re not. Pretty much all of the time.


It’s not true.

Most of you who avail me for support in business and in business-building try to pretend that you’re not the problem in your business and I’m just not buying it. (I’m talking to myself here, too, realize)

There is no true way to separate the human from their task at hand, because the imperfect, under-rested, hungry, sad, heartbroken, angry, overwhelmed human is performing that task. There is always something under the surface of that water.

So, knowing that, don’t you think we ought to spend some time understanding who you are now that keeps getting in your way of building that business, finding that relationship, making that money or just generally being present for your life?

I’m not one to dwell in the past. Truly I’m a future-focused female founder.

But this is the thing, you are a human being. You do bring with you thoughts that you’ve learned along the way. It’s nice to know what those are, so you can CHOOSE them. Or UN-CHOOSE them.

So you can at least see them at work in your life. And in your business. And in your relationship. And in your body. And in your bank balance.

We all have some shit going on behind the scenes, below the surface.

Let’s get in the pool. I promise, once you’re in the water’s just fine.

Stephanie Sheldon