Impulse vs Perspective: launching before you're really ready.


Hello my over-launchers. My niche-switchers. My program-closers. Let’s talk about IMPULSE.

Impulse is solving for what we feel NOW almost with a disregard for–or disbelief in–the future.

Impulse is acting immediately. Swiftly. Maybe even without processing.

And now, perspective.

Perspective is reviewing a memory or exciting insight or overwhelming moment with a new filter.

Perspective is understanding a story from a vantage point unavailable to your present self.

Impulse is launching a program, business, service, etc. based on a momentary (and typically awe-inspiring) thought or feeling.

Perspective is recording everything to do with that impulse for further consideration in a day, a week, a month, or however long you need it to take and then going back to it.

When we’re creating content, I think it’s super important to record what moves us. But we might not want to rush to publish, promote or launch in that same moment.


It’s important to capture what’s true to you. The feelings and thoughts and details of the spectacular insight or experience. When inspiring things are happening (and that could be at any moment) I always have my notepad or phone ready.

I write and write and write.

But I rarely publish or launch in that exact moment.

Because there’s more to consider:

  • What time is best to publish this?

  • Should it be written? Pocasted? Sent via newsletter?

  • Does this fit into a larger narrative?

  • does this require editing?

  • Should I make a program out of this? And if so, how should it roll out?

  • What marketing funnel is this part of?

Now on to my Under-Producers (those who really struggle with producing content). Something else to consider is this. If you’re not producing and publishing content then you might be relying too much on perspective. You might need to be a little impulsive and publish some actual content. Sometimes you just need to push forward even if things aren’t perfect.

So, when impulse strikes decide what makes most sense to you– going with it or delaying so you can see it from a distance.