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One stubborn thought.

Oftentimes we have been practicing a thought so long that it is almost unconscious to us. Our brain has been in the gym lifting and practicing over and over and over so that these damn thoughts are strongggggggg. So how do you change these stubborn thoughts? You take the dumbbell out of it’s hand and force it get on the spin bike instead. In other words- you help it choose a better thought to get really good at.

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Staying in your own lane.

Why stay focused on yourself when everyone should really be doing their own stuff better? Good question. If you’re a parent, boss, partner with kids, employees, clients or partner who really need to learn to do their own lives better so you can feel better, then this post is for you. Staying in your own lane might feel excruciating- but it’s the thing you do in order to feel better. Let’s give it a try today!

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Building resilience- public criticism.

Is showing up scary? Sometimes. Have I said the wrong thing publicly sometimes? Sure. Do a lot of people criticize me to my face in front of my community? Yes, all the time. But, that also makes me a pretty powerful person. I show up and am willing to be seen. Today I’m sharing how I get through public criticism to move my mission (and myself) forward.

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A self-care tool that will fix your life.

I began creating tools for my life when I became a Life Coach. It totally freed me. I used to find myself in the same critical situation over and over and over again. UNTIL I began creating tools for myself. This one is particularly necessary for my emotional health as the CEO of a fast-moving startup. Do you have a life that feels overwhelming? This tool will help you.

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Show-up shame.

We’ve all been there. We decide to be truthful. We decide to be seen. We decide to show up in a way that our heart is asking.

And then cue the shame. That fucking guy. Ready to tell us that we should have never opened our mouths and we should just ‘go with the flow’ and not make any waves.

But we must show up for ourselves. Here’s why and here’s what to do when you feel Show Up Shame.

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Making it work in your new creative business.

The pressures of business will kill your creativity. More than likely if your business is growing, and you want it to continue to deliver you more money, it will require you manage your mind more effectively to continue liking it. And for it to continue delivering to you.

Should you even run a creative business? Are you in the middle of believing it’ll never work? This post is for you.

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