think like a boss


Most people don’t realize they have what it takes to change their lives, begin (and grow) businesses and make the type of money they want.

Because they’re unaware that the way they’re thinking is making it impossible.

It’s a simple, yet magical shift to go from someone who believes that their life ‘happens’ to them to someone who realizes that all their dreams and goals are actually possible.

This program is for actual bosses, aspiring to-be’s and those who want to be the bosses of their lives, and change something major.


If you missed the deadline to join our group coaching, you CAN still receive all the content by joining onto the Self-Study option. It’s our 6 coaching modules without the interactive bits like the Coaching Workbook, Group Coaching Calls and feedback from me to you. It will still help you Think Like A Boss, and gain insight on how you can change your life or business.



  • You don’t have enough time, energy or money to do what you want or change your life.

  • You don’t have enough information to begin.

  • You don’t know enough about business to be a business owner.

  • Confusion is something you can’t control.

  • You’re just not good at making decisions.

  • You’re just not someone who can stick to a schedule.

  • You want to start but you don’t where to begin.


  • I have everything I need to make my business or life what I want it to be.

  • I can begin anytime.

  • I AM a business owner.

  • Confusion is just a thought that I know how to get out of.

  • I’m a boss at decision-making.

  • I’m so productive.

  • I know how to begin any project I want to tackle, change I want to make or business I want to begin!



Productivity. Go from not knowing where to begin to being able to knock goals out of the park.

  • Decision-making. You’ll learn how to make every business decision presented to you using my very own Handcrafted Method.

  • Thinking #likeaboss. Learning to think from a place of your future, uber-successful self, not your past or present self.

  • Clarity + Confidence. Redefine and clarify your Business / Life Vision – hello, confidence; goodbye, confusion.

  • Bold moves. Learn how to make decision-making an empowered process rather than an overwhelming one. Making big moves in your business requires just that–moving– so you’ll learn how to make decisions that will allow you to set (and make) impossible goals, advocate for yourself (and your dreams) and become a more present, intentional, and confident version of yourself in the world.

  • Big results. Learn how to create massive results in your life by taking small, consistent actions.



  • Six exercises (1 per week) that will help you learn how to make decisions like a boss, create clarity around your uniquely-you vision, sketch a step-by-step plan to get you from dreaming to doing AND help you manage your emotions as you go. I use these exact method for both my own team and in coaching my 1-on-1 clients.

  • Shared Coaching Workbook where you’ll record exercises and thoughts, and receive coaching from me.

  • Pinterest Board where you’ll record the various parts of your big vision.

  • 3x Live Group Q and A Calls with me. This is your chance to ask me anything: I’ll be there to coach and help you get unstuck along the way. (Not to worry – Replays are instantly available and you can post questions in advance + watch calls on your own schedule.)

  • Access to my Private Facebook Group: You’ll get to join a supportive community of women – this is where we’ll share resources, tips and celebrate your success. 

  • Bonus Resources – I’m sharing all of my favorite entrepreneurial resources, books, podcasts and inspiration.