I coach the same thing 3 different ways for 3 different price points and experiences. What’s best for you?


exclusive travel group | $3500

I travel a lot. And when I do, I’m really able to open my mind and connect to what matters. In essence, I find clarity comes so quickly to me away from all the chaos at home running my business and life.

I developed these 2x a year retreats to help you gain clarity, build community with other creative Founders and have a cool place to take a fucking creative break.


1-on-1 | $1500

Monthly strategy sessions (and a few crisis situation calls) with me over the next 6 months. Ever wish you just had a partner who really truly got you? I totally get that.

That’s why I’m going to be your business bestie. I am so damn good at business, but I’m also really damn good at talking you out of a really unhelpful thinking patterns and back toward your best self and business.


group | $297

Spend 1 full day with me, diving deep into your brand, business and life as a boss. Our focus (as always) is to deliver you back to a place of confidence, clarity, courage and creativity so you can commit to the work ahead.

This is great for you budding founders who lack brand clarity, brand confidence, and are getting caught up in way too much bullshit on your way to establishing a business and brand you love.