business coaching

ongoing business support for Budding business owners, Entrepreneurs & dreamers


Flea School is designed for creative business owners who want to make more money doing what they love but who know they've got more to learn. It's monthly support + learning with and from Cleveland's most successful business owners– all in a format that is easy and at your own pace. In Flea School, we talk about everything from "How to be a productive Dad or Mompreneur" to "How to set up Quickbooks". It's practical steps that lead to magical results for our Creative Business Owner community.
You can be at any stage in your business and still benefit from the wins, advice and practical how-to's presented in Flea School.

What you get for $49/mo

  • Access to a (constantly evolving) library of How-to's, advice and insider tips from Cleveland's most successful business owners and creative experts 
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Weekly office hours via Slack so if you're having an issue that you want feedback on, we're there for you
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call on a business subject
  • Access to sign up for behind-the-scenes tours, lectures, get-togethers & meet-ups at Cleveland's most interesting businesses.

purchase your vision guide

We can craft a Vision Guide around any creative idea that requires planning, dreaming, scheming and scheduling.

WHAT IT IS| Ever feel like you're meant to do something MORE? Then let's discover + shape what that is.
Our Vision Guide is a 25-page document crafted specifically for YOU based on what you want to make happen in your life. First, you start with a DREAM, and we help with the DOING part of it.

  • Coaching Workbook for you to structure your dream, and answer many very helpful questions about what your'e trying to create and why it's not happening already
  • 2 Group Coaching Calls with me with the opportunity to be coached live
  •  Daily (M-F) Newsletters sent for 2 weeks to keep your creative courage going and build on the Coaching Workbook
  • Your 25-page Vision Guide crafted specifically for YOU + Your dream
  • A personal diagnostic from me to help you see more clearly the path forward
  • This is a working dream document, filled with your ideas, images, words, thoughts and a plan to move forward. I curate the guide how we do for our clients at Indie Foundry, but for the fraction of the cost. If you're not ready yet for us to build your business / brand for $5000, this is the perfect step to getting to where you want to go right now. 

HOW IT WORKS | in 1 Month, you'll go from Dreaming to Doing in a way that you never thought possible.
Coaching is essentially the talking through of the dreams, solutions and issues that come along with dreaming BIG. Mostly, I'm here to lead you through how we work with Cleveland's most daring and authentic brands so that you can become just that– daring, authentic, successful at your dream.

  • Vision Coaching is $850
  • We start a new group on the first Monday of each Month. 
  • The program runs daily for 2 weeks where you'll be prompted to fill in your Coaching Workbook daily + pin images to a board that you share with me. 
  • We'll have 2 coaching calls, 1 for each week of the program. 
  • After 2 weeks, I'll begin the crafting of each of your Vision Guides for delivery at the end of the month.   

HOW YOU CAN GET YOURS | It's time to live that life, to build that biz. To move forward.
It's easy. You just sign up for one of our Monthly Coaching Classes. We have a limited size for the moment, so it's first-come-first-serve.