Week 4 | Thinking from your future self.

Changing your life and claiming your dreams begins with creating a compelling vision for the future. And also cutting out all the nonsense thoughts that #FutureYou doesn’t have time for like:

  • “I’m not good enough.”

  • “I don’t make enough money.”

  • “I’ll never get there.”

  • “I’m scared.”

  • “No one supports me.”

Whatever version of you is killing it is the one to work toward. In week 4 we’re intentionally creating a thought ladder to get us closer to believing the thoughts that WILL make our dreams come true.

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Week 3 | One stubborn thought.

In order to change our lives, we must examine the things we’ve believed for a long time. Because they have so much more impact to destroy our dream future when they’ve been lifting weights in the gym of your mind for years and years and years.

Time to put down those weights, brain, and pick up some new ones.

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