Week 6 is here.


In your coaching workbook, I’d like you to reflect on the past 6 weeks. I’d like you to tell me how you’re different and how you think that might be shaping your life.

WEEK 6 | Action.

Changing your life has it’s own cadence. Based on how badly you want it. How long you’ve been believing thoughts that don’t serve you. Your resistance to change. Your ability to commit. How well you get to know yourself- and separate your thoughts from fact.

It’s time to pull out one of the best tools you can have- deadlines + action.


This week’s learning is all around how to take Massive Action and why it will benefit you. If you cannot see some results of your action, you’re going to lose steam.

Passive Action is action you take that’s passive- it’s like learning or watching or thinking but it’s not actual action (if that makes sense). It’s like watching a workout video or reading a lot about a way of eating but never putting it into practice in your life.

Most people get caught up in Passive Action. I think people believe that if they know more, they will feel better. And I can understand that. I’m a fan of study. But not because it will make you feel any different. Because it’s practical and helpful. If you’re waiting to feel better, you just need to choose a different thought. Remember- thoughts cause feelings. Not books. Or learning. Or anything outside of ourselves.

Nothing teaches you faster than practical effort. Nothing compares to the muscle memory of doing the work, thinking the thoughts, sticking to the schedule, telling the world you ARE worth it, setting goals and loving yourself along the way.

I KNOW THIS WILL BE PAINFUL. And scary. And in many cases you will not believe it is possible. But you must. This is the deal. The universe supports the thoughts you TRULY believe.

The thoughts you believe WILL become your life- if you act upon them with courage even when you have no guarantee. That’s the point. That’s what’s required even.

Massive Action is defined as action taken UNTIL you achieve your desired results. Not until you’re tired. Or bored. Or confused. Or out of money.

Massive Action is action you take to get to where you’re going, period.

The most magical part of Massive Action is that it allows you to be creative. To solve a problem in a million ways. To use your brain to solve your life. To use your brain to support your dreams. It is a key just like commitment is.

We’re in week 6. It’s time to look back, see where we began and get ready to launch into the next big push.

There will be on Week 6 group call. Instead you’ll be getting the opportunity to talk to me 1-on-1. There WILL be a video from me to you that will post Wednesday night. But it won’t be a required call.

Stephanie Sheldon