Week 3 | One stubborn thought.


Oftentimes we have been practicing a thought so long that it is almost unconscious to us. As we head into our halfway mark, I want to pause and shed some light on the thoughts that plague us. The thoughts that will threaten all of our new work.

If we want to be new people, we’ve got to choose new thoughts.

One of the reasons you believe you can’t have your dreams or make the money you want or do the work reliably is that you’ve practiced thinking this over and over and over again.

And when you do that, your bran scans for evidence to support that theory.

YOU have the power here.

Your brain will scan for whatever you tell it. It will fight you at first, telling you things like, “Oh but you’ve never done this before.” or “Remember last time when you said you would and then you didn’t?” or “You don’t know how to do this- how will you actually make it work?”

It’s not doing that for any other reason than it’s programmed to solve problems quickly. So it can move on to the next. This is good news.

If you can program it for what you WANT instead of what you KNOW then you can make it work for you toward THAT.

And that is when the magic happens. That is where change happens. And that’s where you’ll start to budge those stubborn thoughts.