Week 5 Exercise | Crafting your compelling reason.


  • A compelling reason is the start of commitment

    • Why is it necessary that you do this thing?

    • What reason will you give yourself when you’re put to the test

    • How can you conjure the feeling of being totally, 100%, absolutely sure you’ll achieve your goal? You choose a compelling reason that makes you feel unstoppable.

  • Resilience is the continual effort to stay committed

    • Doing what you said you would, when it’s really hard to stay committed

    • Being presented with reasonable reasons to NOT continue but you continue anyway

    • Facing tough consequences because you remain committed and yet still remaining committed  

Commitment is the key. If you are fully committed, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’ll do this thing then you’ll get there.

One way people commit is to put money on the line. I know a lot of people who only dare to their best selves when they’ve paid for something. I was like that. I paid $18,000 for my coaching program.

And I am so glad I did.

I paid $40,000 for an office upgrade so that we could all work in the place that gives us energy.

I pay close to $500,000 a year to run my business.

I sometimes think back to how scared I was to put money on the line. But now I know I’ll make it back- without a shadow of a doubt.

Ask yourself,

“Why does this HAVE to work?”

“ Why will this 100% work?”

“How badly do you want this?”

“What will it mean when you achieve it?”

These are the questions we ask when we’re deciding what our compelling reason is