Steph Sheldon
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I’m taking one group of creative visionaries from their present selves to their future selves so they can launch their new business lives in January 2020.


I only coach visionaries who don’t whine about how hard it is. They’re world-changers, money-makers, inspiring leaders and bold badasses. But they’re struggling to get to the next level. Or maybe they’re just struggling to fit in a workout or go to bed on time. The tie that binds them is that they KNOW it could be better. They know they could be happier. More effective. Wealthier. More influential. But they need a little support from someone who will speak truth to them and help them dial in their thinking so they can phase up to their next best selves.


Client Review:

“Steph's superpower is seeing things clearly for others when they're lacking in clarity and feeling overwhelmed. She cuts through the chaos and delivers the truth in mind-blowing one liners that knock you over with their power and shake you out of your limited mindset. She's not for everyone. She's for those who are ready to take their lives to the next level and do the work required of delivering that to themselves FAST. She's for the dreamers who are dedicated to the doing and need a CEO mindset to guide them forward into their best life. After I've spent time with Steph I feel like anything is possible and I feel inspired to make it happen. I would literally pay anything to spend time in ideation with her for the afternoon."

- 2019 coaching client


My Clients are bold badasses! Are you one of them?