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i’m a life & business coach for female founders.

I'm a coach and consultant for female founders who are starting up, scaling up and chasing big goals in their business or life. My specialty is helping people create a vision and a plan for more confidence and clarity that leads to more money, a better business and a happier life.

Currently booking 1-on1, group + DIY coaching. Find our more about each program here.

I built a wildly successful business, and you can, too.

I launched the business of my dreams in six months by following my own Handcrafted Method. Now I teach my method to other bosses and budding business owners. Read more about it here.


THE HANDCRAFTED METHOD | How I work with with creative dreamers to become Successful Doers

The Handcrafted Method is a way of working that I created specifically for Creative Dreamers who want to become Successful Doers– starting with growing a side hustle and then turning it into a business that supports their financial and creative goals. There are 3 ways I can work with you on your business or life personally– monthly group coaching, 1-on-1 coaching or in our twice-a-year creative biz courses.



Each month, I work with creative dreamers and doers from all over the country to solve their biggest biz and life issues. Join me, and let's get you on the right track to more happiness, more time, more money and more of a life you love.


Do you feel confused? Welcome to the club. The good news is that I've got a way to get out of confusion and into clarity, and trust me– you're going to feel a lot better knowing there's an actual way forward, whether that's toward more money, more time doing what you love or less time doing what you don't like. I'd love to help you, so jump on this call and let's #buildourbestbiz and #liveourbestlife


VISIONING IS DECISIONING | step 1 in the Handcrafted Method

My Handcrafted Method begins with Visioning. Now, I know most problems are Decisioning (that's what I call decision-making because it rhymes) and believe me, I'm here to help you solve your problems. Well, the solution to not knowing what decision to make is to create a vision for what you want. (PS you can create whatever future you want, I'll show you how).

I prefer to make my vision boards BIG (just check out my Instagram and you'll see my home office) because I believe we need to see our future every day in order to make it happen. We need to know it's going to happen, and we need to be compelled by all the exciting feelings we get when we see our dreamy future in front of us.

If you want help Visioning + Decisioning, sign up for DIY Vision Coaching and I'll take you through the steps I use to go from Day Dream to Dream Life (or biz).  

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