How you show up today is how you show up everyday.


That picture is from my office.


What an actual dream, right? Stripes painted by Lauren Noel of Lady Noel Designs. Vintage chairs from my friend Nolan. Branding by Heidi Rolf.

I can’t believe this gets to be my life.

However, I could easily dread going into my office.

There’s a lot to do there. It feels like there is so much pressure on me at all times.

But I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m here to remind you that how you show up today is how you show up everyday.

Since we theoretically only have the moment we’re in, today is really all that matters. Right. Fucking. Now. And YES, I’m all for planning because I want to have epic todays.

But I’m not all for planning because only the future matters.

Today matters.

How you show up in your relationships. Your life. Your friendships. Your work.

You can be intentional about it.

Yes, I have a ton to do.

But I can approach it with fire. Excitement. Determination.

No, I don’t know what unexpected work will come my way today.

But I can realize that’s part of life, and not resist the work ahead.

Or I can be in a bad mood. Every day.

So that my life is only made up of mostly bad days.

Sure, being a boss and running a business and learning to live your best life can be super challenging.

It’s up to us to decide what that means, though.