Instagram Kickstart: 6 characteristics your posts should have to be successful.

On today’s episode of “Steph tell me exactly how to make things successful” I’m sharing my checklist for Instagram posts. This truly applies to all content you release but let’s just keep focused on Instagram for a moment.

Why do you even believe that there is a ‘right way’ to do things?

Well, it sounds better than having to figure it out on your own. I feel you on that, however I rarely operate that way. Want to be more like me? Sign up for Think Like a Boss- Summer Session. (I’m in Cuba right now where internet is slower than a turtle crossing a country road, so I’m going to connect that to a link for our waitlist on May 1st).

Back to your list.

I low-key (maybe even high-key) love sharing stuff like this with you, even though I do want you to find ways to understand what I’m always teaching which is THERE IS NO ANSWER THAT YOU CANNOT FIGURE OUT ON YOUR OWN and NOT EVERYTHING WORKS FOR EVERYONE THE SAME WAY ALL THE TIME.

But in the interest of being your best friend, and trusted expert on the subject, here you go.

My Instagram Content Checklist:

  • each post much hit at least on of these, if not more than one:

    • make people envy me somehow (sorry but it’s true)

    • provide actual value or advice for my dreamiest customers (you all)

    • let people get to truly know / connect with me

    • invite my users / followers to be engaged or have a conversation

    • make people laugh or generate good feelings

    • look on-brand (whatever that means for you)

If you’re having a hard time getting posting, use these to begin setting up your content. If you never know what to post, this will help you get moving. You’ll need to move forward to other aspects of social media, so don’t let this early step get you totally tripped up so you never get in and get your hands dirty (or tire your fingers from all the conversations).

Most importantly- HAVE FUN THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Try not to hate everything about business.

The world is waiting- let’s get posting!



Stephanie Sheldon